Fourth stop NIMBIN - Surfers Paradise

Hey Peeps,

I hope you had a great week so far :)

We left Byron Bay over 2 weeks ago and since then there was happening a lot.
But let me start from the beginning.

After Byron Bay, our next overnight stop was Surfers Paradise but of course, there was a stop in between... NIMBIN. Have you ever heard from Nimbin?
Alright, so I will explain Nimbin in 3 words: GREEN, HIPPIE & "ORGANIC". That's all that I'm telling you about Nimbin. Btw, we loved it ;). So if you'll ever be around, go and check it out! I guess I don't have to explain anything about the pictures. :D

Next stop was Surfers Paradise, where we arrived on Thursday, we spent 4 nights there and it was literally raining every day which was the reason that we haven't really done anything there. The weather was so bad, seriously. Good for us that we had a super nice apartment at the Rhapsody Resort where we had an amazing Fitness & Spa Area and an even better view over the city and the beach, btw we produced a nice time-lap from the sunset.

We were lucky on Friday evening 'cause it wasn't raining, so my Dad, Sonja (my friend from Byron) and me we had a really nice BBQ and afterward Sonja and I went out. We went to SHOOTERS NC one of the Nightclubs in Surfers Paradise. It was okay, I would say. I didn't really like the music there but anyway Sonja and I had a great night. :)

Another thing which happened was that our actually sponsored 4WD Adventure Car got canceled on Saturday ... We were actually supposed to pick it up on Monday in Brisbane. Yeep...that sucks!!! (Btw we tried to order some Indian food on this evening with Uber Eats and you wanna know what happened? The driver couldn't find the hotel - TWICE!!!!, so we ended up with some cheese toasts which was a great dinner after such a day... :D)

Rhapsody Resort, Surfers Paradise

Rhapsody Resort, Surfers Paradise

Rooftop, Rhapsody Resort

Rooftop, Rhapsody Resort

View from our apartment

View from our apartment

Like I maybe already told you the actual plan was to travel to complete Australia, but it wasn't possible anymore because of the car. So we spent the whole Sunday with trying to find another sponsor or renting another car but because of the starting season, it wasn't possible to get anything in such a short time. We literally tried everything. We were looking for cars in Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Cairns but there was nothing...

So we canceled our old plan and we made a new one which was: Next Stop Brisbane, where we extended our rental car and then, back to Sydney.

First I was really upset because I was so excited to travel the West Coast and now it wasn't possible anymore.

But like my Dad always says: "When one door closes, another one opens."

And that's exactly what's happened. In the evening I got a reply from MOJO SURF. They were really impressed about the trailer and invited us to come over to Spot X to stay for a couple days to capture awesome footage and of course for some surf lessons. :)

But more about Brisbane and Mojo Surf in my following posts.

Thanks for reading. I wish you all a wonderful and relaxed day.

Cheers !