First stop Blue Mountains National Park

Hey peeps,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.

We left Sydney on Thursday. First stop Blue Mountains, National Park.

The Blue Mountains National Park is a listed world heritage and also the home of the "Three Sisters".

Have you ever been there? Let me tell you it's amazing. Wherever you look you'll just see nature. It feels like you're in the middle of nowhere. We really enjoyed it.
First, we went to the Ecco Point Lookout. Our plan was actually to fly with the drone around "The Three Sisters" but it wasn't possible because of all the people around us, which was really annoying. But at the end, we found another spot (I think it was Cahill's Lookout) where we had enough space to fly the drone. And yes... we got some really nice shots ;). We also went to the Pierces Pass. I think we were the only people there which was good so I could fly the drone for the first time. (My dad wanted to make sure that I can't hurt anybody with the drone :'D)

Next stop was Brooklyn. Brooklyn? Yes, you're right, there is also a place called Brooklyn in Australia. But I guess this place is quite different to the "real" Brooklyn in NYC. We called it a Seniors place because in every cafe there were just granny's and grandpa's sitting.

Afterwards, we went to "The Entrance" a district centre and town on the Central Coast. The town occupies an area of land that is bounded by water on three sides which is really amazing. My dad was flying with the drone whilst I was filming the pelicans. Btw they look so funny when they fly.

Drone shot. More in our upcoming Vlog.  The Entrance.

Drone shot. More in our upcoming Vlog.

The Entrance.

Next and last stop for the day was Port Stephens were we staying until Monday. I'll tell you more about Port Stephens in my following posts.

Have a good start to the following week & thanks for visiting my blog again, I hope you like it. :)